S10000 Electrical & Instruments Works – Cost Database

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This Databook is a 200+ page publication, where  Caf-Corporation’s provides “current” detailed information on ”ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTS WORKS” as part of  “PROCESS EQUIPMENT  COST MANUAL”


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S-1000 Electrical & Instruments Works– Cost Database


This cost & Mhs databook edition of this estimating manual gives contractors, engineers and managers a quick and inexpensive methods for estimating realistic design and construction costs of chemical/petrochemical plants, refineries and similar industrial facilities, is suitable for determining plant feasibility in the early planning/evaluating stages; also could be used to produces an estimate of total plant costs with +/- 10 per cent.

You can find 5 families of this group of Process plant equipment, covering 40 items in wich you can see up today estimated prices and Mhs, presented both in curves and tables, using Caf-Corporation benchmarking method based in 3 or more sources and a very useful way to keep updated and reliable.



  • S11101 Metal Clad Switchgear
  • S11102 Service Entrance and Distribution Switchboards
  • S11103 Transformers
  • S11104 Circuit Breaker Distribution Panelboards
  • S11105 Panelboards/Loadcenters/SubPanels General Purpose
  • S11106 Panelboards/Loadcenters/SubPanels in Hazardous Areas
  • S11107 Safety Switches
  • S11108 Circuit Breakers
  • S11109 Motor Starters
  • S111010 Meter Panels
  • S11210 Motor Control Centers
  • S11220 Control Stations (Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights)
  • S11230 Terminal Blocks
  • S11240 Ground Fault Protection System
  • S11250 Convenience Outlets And Toggle Switches
  • S11310 Lighting FiStures General Purpose
  • S11320 Lighting FiStures Vaportight and ESplosion Proof
  • S11330 Outdoor Floodlights and Floodlight Poles
  • S11340 Audible Signal Devices ESplosion Proof
  • S11350 Grounding Systems
  • S11410 Electric Heat Tracing Systems
  • S115001 Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit Systems
  • S115002 PVC Coated Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit Systems
  • S115003 Rigid Aluminum Conduit Systems
  • S115004 Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) Thinwall Conduit Systems
  • S115005 PVC Plastic Rigid Conduit Systems
  • S115006 Underground Plastic Utility Duct Systems
  • S115007 Cable Tray and Accessories
  • S115008 Wireway Gutter and Accessories
  • S115009 Steel Underfloor Duct Systems
  • S1150010 Service Entrance Caps, Ells, Capped Ells, and Ground Rods
  • S11610 Hazardous Area Elbows, Pulling Ells, Unions, Flexible Couplings
  • S11620 Junction Boxes, Sealing Fittings, Drains and Breathers
  • S11630 Conduit Hangers And Supports
  • S11710 Wire and Cable
  • S11720 Armored/Metal Clad Cable
  • S11730 Armored FleSible Cable (BS) and Terminations
  • S11740 Electronic Instrument Wire and Cable
  • S11750 Armored Electronic Instrument Cable
  • S11760 Thermocouple EStension Wire and Cable
  • S11770 Armored Thermocouple Cable
  • S11780 NonMetallic Sheathed Cable (ROMES) and Terminations
  • S11790 Enclosures And Junction BoSes
  • S11810 Feeder Or PlugIn Bus Duct and Accessories
  • S11820 Trolley Duct and Accessories


  • S12110 Control Valves
  • S12120 Liquid Level And Pressure Gauges
  • S12130 Tank Level Gauging Devices
  • S12140 Measurement Elements
  • S12150 Safety Relief Valves
  • S12160 Flow Instruments, Pneumatic And Electronic, Local Mounted
  • S12170 Liquid Level Instruments, Pneumatic And Electronic, Local Mounted
  • S12180 Pressure Instruments, Pneumatic And Electronic, Local Mounted
  • S12190 Temperature Instruments, Pneumatic And Electronic, Local Mounted
  • S12200 Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • S12210 Instrument Control Panels And Instruments
  • S12220 Control Panel Installation
  • S12230 Instrument Piping
  • S12240 Piping Assemblies For Liquid Level Instruments

* (Included in Electrical & Instruments wiring)


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