M1000 – Separation Equipment – Cost Database

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This Databook is a 200+ page publication, where  Caf-Corporation provides “current” detailed information on ”SEPARATION EQUIPMENT” as part of  “PROCESS EQUIPMENT  COST MANUAL”

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M1000 - Separation Equipment – Cost Database




  • M1101  Atmospheric suspended basket centrifuge
  • M1102  Auto batch filtering centrifuge
  • M1103  Batch bottom - suspended centrifuge
  • M1104  Batch top unload centrifuge
  • M1105  Batch bottom unload centrifuge
  • M1106  Batch top-suspended centrifuge
  • M1107  High-speed disk centrifuge
  • M1108  Reciprocating conveyor centrifuge
  • M1109  Scroll conveyor centrifuge
  • M1110  Solid bowl centrifuge
  • M1111  Screen bowl centrifuge
  • M1112  High-speed tubular centrifuge
  • M1113  Vibrating screen centrifuge
  • M1114  Inverting filter centrifuge

  • M1201  Centrifugal precipitator
  • M1202  Baghouse with motor shakers
  • M1203  Cyclone dust collector
  • M1204  Multiple cyclone dust collector
  • M1205  High voltage electrical precipitator
  • M1206  Low voltage electrical precipitator
  • M1207  Washer dust collector
  • M1208  Baghouse with injected pulsed air


  • M1301  Cartridge filter (5 micron cotton)
  • M1302  Pressure leaf-dry filter
  • M1303  Pressure leaf-wet filter
  • M1304  Plate and frame filter
  • M1305  Rotary disk filter
  • M1306  Rotary drum filter
  • M1307  Sewage filter
  • M1308  Sparkler filter
  • M1309  Tubular fabric filter (bank of 3)
  • M1310  Scroll discharge centrifugal filter
  • M1311  White water filter - centrifugal screen
  • M1312  Sanitary in-line metal trap
  • M1313  Sanitary fluming reclaim reel
  • M1314  Culinary (sterile) air filter
  • M1315  Sanitary pipe filter
  • M1316  Sanitary filter press
  • M1317  Culinary (sterile) steam filter
  • M1318  Sanitary pipe strainer

  • M1401  Water-only cyclone - mineral separation
  • M1402  Oil-water separator - API type
  • M1403  Pulp stock centrifugal cleaner



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