A1000 – Agitators Blenders & Mixers – Cost Database

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This Databook is a 200+ page publication, where  Caf-Corporation provides “current” detailed information on ” Agitators, Mixers and Blenders” as part of  “PROCESS EQUIPMENT  COST MANUAL”

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A1000 – Agitators, Blenders & Mixers - Cost Database


This cost & Mhs databook edition of this estimating manual gives contractors, engineers and managers a quick and inexpensive methods for estimating realistic design and construction costs of chemical/petrochemical plants, refineries and similar industrial facilities, is suitable for determining plant feasibility in the early planning/evaluating stages; also could be used to produces an estimate of total plant costs with +/- 10 per cent.

You can find 5 families of this group of Process plant equipment, covering 40 items in wich you can see up today estimated prices and Mhs, presented both in curves and tables, using Caf-Corporation benchmarking method based in 3 or more sources and a very useful way to keep updated and reliable.


  • A1101   Fixed propeller gear motor type agitator
  • A1102   Portable propeller agitator
  • A1103   Portable direct drive agitator
  • A1104   Portable gear drive agitator
  • A1105   Agitator, mechanical seal, variable diameter
  • A1106   Fixed mount, gear drive, anchor, stuffing box
  • A1107   Pulp stock agitator
  • A1108   Sanitary reversing anchor agitator
  • A1109   Sanitary counter-rotating agitator
  • A1110   Sanitary highshear homogenizing agitator
  • A1111   Sanitary fixed propeller / turbine mixer
  • A1112   Sanitary port. Propeller / turbine mixer

  • A1201   Agitated tank - enclosed
  • A1202   Agitated tank - enclosed, jacketed
  • A1203   Agitated tank - open top
  • A1204   Floatation machine
  • A1205   Floatation conditioning cell
  • A1206   On machine pulper
  • A1207   Off machine pulper

  • A1301   Rotary drum blender
  • A1302   Rotary double-cone blender
  • A1303   Sanitary kettle blender without agitator
  • A1304   Sanitary rotary bowl blender
  • A1305   Sanitary multi-shell staggered blender

  • A1401   Stationary upright double-arm kneader
  • A1402   Tilting double-arm kneader
  • A1403   Vacuum tilting double-arm kneader

  • A1501   Cylinder type extruder with variable drive
  • A1502   Muller type extruder mixer
  • A1503   Pan mixer
  • A1504   Portable propeller mixer
  • A1505   Fixed propeller gear motor type mixer
  • A1506   Double-arm sigma blade mixer
  • A1507   Spiral ribbon mixer
  • A1508   Static mixer
  • A1509   Two-roll mixer
  • A1510   Sanitary high-speed Norman-type mixer
  • A1511   Sanitary ribbon blender
  • A1512   Sanitary piston-type homogenizer
  • A1513   Sanitary shear pump homogenizer


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