This tool simplifies the work of an estimator, including the standard specifications, compensation for work paid by force account is determined as the total direct costs of the equipment (rent) plus a profit margin of 15 percent for all overhead costs not included as direct costs.
These direct costs include fuel, oil, lubrication, supplies, small tools, necessary accessories, repairs and maintenance, depreciation, storage, the capital cost of facilities, and all incidents. The labor costs to provide the above-mentioned items are also included. The calculated rate represents the cost of owning and operating the equipment, which is likely to be less than the fee charged for a rental yard. The patio rental fee may include additional expenses and the benefit, as well as a premium for short-term rentals.
In certain situations, factors are applied at rates calculated to provide exclusive property rates for delay situations or overtime rates. Rates are calculated using factors for the direct cost items described above.
Factors represent an average and apply to all brands and models of class equipment. All rates are per hour unless otherwise noted.
The cost of the operator is not included in the equipment Fee.


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