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Peter Packer

Senior-Cost Estimator
“ Fortunately, there are some tools and techniques used by professional project managers that you can use to develop more accurate cost estimates. This CAF-Capex is one of them...... is incredible. ”


Mechanical-Cost Estimator
“ Imagine a project management tool which would allow you to describe a project in a few simple steps, and based on sound science and applicable project histories, provide you with a most likely estimate for project cost, effort, and duration., it never gets easier with CAF-Capex Cost Estimating tool. ”

John Doe

Commercial Proposals Director
“ Project cost estimating scares a lot of people. They don't know how much something will cost, but they know whatever value they give, they will be held to it by their manager.. Thank you. ”


Cost Controller
“ CAF Knowledge Bases serve as a virtual “in-house expert,” providing default project component cost curves, values, ranges, and calibrations based on comparable project histories. Enables users to develop first-look estimates when very little information is known, and to refine those estimates as details become available.. ”


CEO at CafSystem
“ A variety of charts, graphs, and reports for quickly summarizing and presenting project outcomes and alternatives as well as work-in-progress. Open architecture and APIs ensure that CAF-Capex applications can be easily integrated with departmental productivity solutions and enterprise applications. ”

Peter Jackson

Cost Estimating Manager
“ Estimating the effort, time, and resources needed to complete project activities is one of the most challenging tasks that project managers must face. This is because of the inherent uncertainty associated with many activities. Projects are unique. That is one of the differences between projects and processes. ”

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